Nowadays you can find many books, guides, manuals and packages and programs available in shops or the internet if you are looking to train your dog.

Many of us have spent hundreds of dollars for top dog training with little or no result.

Dog training is like an opportunity for you to build a strong bond, and relationship with your puppy and enjoy this training process.

Do you want your dog to listen to your command and act accordingly? To making your dog training delightful and positive here are some expert tips for you and your dog.

Consistency is Secret in Top Dog Training

Top dog training

Just like a child, we need to train our dog consistently, create a regular timetable, and stick to it.

Your daily session should not be more than 15 to 25 minutes, this regularity makes learning easier for your dog.

First, start slow with basic obedient training and teach your dog to sit, heel, and stay this will lead your dog to advanced dog training. Always praise/reward your dog after every training session, it will become fun for your dog.

As per the expert, you can start to train your dog at the age of 7 months and give your puppy a name. Always try to call him/her with that name.

Social Friendly Training

Socialization becomes more important when you prefer taking your dog out with you, in dog socialization includes three elements behavior, temperament, and most important character.

The first few weeks when your dog starts learning how to connect with others are around, this early training helps them to recognize and behave when relatives and other dogs are around.

When you trained your dog at home, you and your dog will learn about each other’s emotions, attitudes, and behavior in different situations.

When your dog understands the social environment he/she will start to behave well in all kinds of circumstances.

Dominant Crate Dog Training

Crate dog training

Crate training is like a task just like other tasks, crate is lightweight and comes in several sizes that can shelter the smallest to very large dog.

They are generally made of plastic and aluminum has an air window area on each side.

You need to start crate training when your dog is a puppy or you bring him/her at home, try to keep that crate in a room where all family people will be.

The puppy will feel calm and safe when he/she is around you or your family, possibly you can move that crate to your bedroom for a while.

You should make sure that the crate is always a clean, comfortable place to sleep whenever you put your puppy in.

Always available toys and water in the crate will help your puppy to play.

Need Of Behavior Top Dog Training

Just like wolves, dogs also travel in the social group, one of them is a leader and they do not respect anyone else except the leader.

You should build that bond and relationship or communication that express you are the leader for them.

When you show them, you are the leader they will start follow your command. When you give any command like “C’mon” or “Come “your dog will start to follow instantly.

For example, you have a party at your house and special guests are coming, your dog will start barking and when you say “No” with his/her name, your dog will stop barking.

What are the 7 basic dog commands?

No: Your dog must learn the meaning of “No”, you need to make him/her understand NO means “leave it” or “don’t do this”

Sit: Second important learning command is sitting; push your dog gently on the buttock and use the command “Sit” after that give your dog some treat.

Stay: When your dog master in sit use the command stays, you need to give him the command sit then slowly back away with a hand signal. It will take time but be patience.

Heel: One of the most basic commands, a dog learns to walk a step behind its owner on a loose lead.

Down: This command mostly uses when your dog is at a distance or in a dangerous situation. For example, maybe your dog is about to run out into the road, when he hears “Down” he will be drop-down or stop.

Come: Start with joy sound call your dog “Come Ollie” and if he does not come give him a toy treat that your dog loves.

Quite: When you want your dog to stop barking, use the word “Quite”, it is always used when your dog barking. Apart from this bark training is also a wide concept, you will get to know each and everything about the dog barking in Bark Training

What is the best training method for dogs?

Top Dog Training methods

There is a serval training method for your dog to training effectively, you can go with obedience training, collar training or simple home training method which is most and popular after the covid pandemic.

I always prefer the home dog training method; you can build a strong bond and relationship with your dog.

This training also helps you to control your dog and respond as you want. Basic obedience training you can do with your dog at home, it will take some time but the result will amaze you.

How much does good dog training cost?

A good top dog training cost will depend on a trainer to trainer and specific equipment that you are using through training, you can search on google and find out the best dog training guide with their cost.

I always prefer to train your dog by yourself at home because some institutes or schools where you spend $100 – $500 but you will get little or no result.

You can search on google to train your dog at home or you can go through our articles where you will get all knowledge to train your dog at home.

Rules during the dog training classes

  • Take your dog or puppy to the bathroom before the training starts.
  • Your dog should be clean before the training class, like the brush on teeth, nails, etc.
  • Do not feed anything to your dog before one or two hours of training because in almost every training session there are treats and rewards include.
  • Start your training session with a positive attitude
  • Do not start your training if your dog is sick or not well.
  • If you are taking professional dog training classes, make sure you are practicing 3 times a week with your dog.
  • Never forget to supply food, clean water, and dog out for potty.
  • Like human beings dogs also learn things at a different speed, don’t get upset if your dog learns things slow.
  • Always play with your dog after ending the training session.
  • Allow your dog to sleep next to you or take a dog crate in your room. This will strengthen your bonding.
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