Choosing the right dog collar for your canine shows how responsible you are as a dog owner. A dog collar is necessary for dog training, walking with the dog, and exercise.

Are you struggling in choosing the right collar for your dog? If yes, this article is for you.

 Nvk dog training collar is remote control and chargeable with 1600 and 2600 ft. remote range.

Let me introduce the wide feather of this collar with pros and cons. Ok then, let’s dive in.

NVK Dog Training Collar With Remote

NVK Shock Collar

NVK Shock Collar (2600ft.)

NVK Dog Training Collar With Remote

Waterproof with 3 Training Modes

This is very helpful for first-time dog owners and professional dog trainers to train their dogs in obedience and advanced dog training.

This collar has 3 training modes (Beep mode, Static mode, and Vibration mode). If you’re training with your puppy in water; there is no need to worry about this collar.

This is designed for double waterproof protection. You can manually set shock levels 0-99 and 0-9 vibration levels.

Support 4 Channel

There is one transmitter in this nvk dog training collar that will help you control 4 dogs at one time. Anyone who has up to 4 dogs can control easily with a single device and can train obedience training or leash training.


This device is chargeable; it will take 2 to 3 hours to charge fully. You can use this device for about 15 days in one-time charging.

Both transmitter and receiver are chargeable with a high-quality battery. You will get 2 in 1 USB charging cable without an adapter.

1600 Ft. Range

You can enjoy your dog training from a distance of 1600 ft. without any interruption. This is very flexible and easy to use, you can train your canine in the backyard.


  • 3 training modes (Static Shock (0-99 levels), Vibration (1-9 levels), Beep)
  • 1600ft Remote & Waterproof
  • Support 4 dogs with 1 transmitter.
  • Security Lock system.


  • The package without the power adapter
  • React a little late.

2. NVK Shock Collar

Nylon Belt

Nylon is a flexible material and easily fit a dog’s neck (adjustable for dog 15-100 lbs).

Nylon belts are made of nylon webbing that stay for years, also comfortable and lightweight.

Nylon is made with a strong fiber that does not weak in water and humidity. But one con of this nylon belt I found is that some dogs are allergic to that.

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1600Ft. Remote Range

1600ft. range is enough to control your dog from a large distance in wood, especially in bird dog training. This long-distance remote work when your voice and hand signals are not reachable.

A long-range dog collar makes dog training easy for you and your dog.

A long-range dog collar gives you the freedom to train your dog in an open space or large wooden area.

2 Receiver With 3 Training Mode

This is an important feature of this collar; you can control 2 dog collars with a single remote.

3 training modes are beep, vibration, and static mode. The vibration level is adjustable from 0-9, also the static level is adjustable from 0-99.

This remote has three buttons on the left for selecting the channel for Static Level, and Vibration Level.

Note: High level of static mode can do serious damage to your dog.


Training a hunting dog in the open field is always a challenge.

Especially when your dog wears an E-collar, NVK dog training collars are waterproof and give your canine full safety.

Waterproofing in the collar is very important when your dog training is around water.

Shutdown System

Hidden fences are designed with an automatic shutdown system to protect your pet from unnecessary over-corrections.

This is one of the safest technologies for your four-legged friend.

In case it is impossible for your dog not to zone in time, its receiver will turn off automatically and then reset when it registers.

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  • 1 remote + 2 receiver
  • Cover long distance 1600 ft.
  • Adjustable vibration and shock levels
  • Waterproof with good battery life


  • The maximum shock level makes it dangerous.

3. NVK Shock Collar (2600ft.)

Long Range (2600ft.)

Long-range collar gives you an option to give the command to your dog from a longer distance.

In simple words, your voice can not reach maximum distance, but dog collar range can.

Long-range collars make training effective, and you observe the good result in less time.

You can communicate with your pet from a long distance and can give commands accordingly.

Long Battery Life

We talked about the earlier long-distance, but battery life always matters in the long-range collar.

More battery is needed to cover the long-distance, the battery uses in remote and collar.

NVK dog training collar provides you with both things.

It takes up to 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the collar and you can continue training with this for 15 days.

Lock Feature

Have you ever felt bad for your dog for an accidental shock because of the misoperation of remote?

Nvk dog training collar will not give you that chance to feel sorry for your dog.

Because security lock feature of this collar prevents you misoperation on the remote.

Now, you can carry this without any fear of accidental shock.

Training Mode & Waterproof

This collar has 3 training modes beep, vibration, and static shock.

You can adjust the vibration level from 0 to 9. However, shock level you can adjust from 0 to 99.

Both are adjustable as per the training requirement.

Also, this collar is made with IPX7 technology that gives flexibility in outdoor training.

IPX7 technology is used in making the collar waterproof.

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  • 2600 ft. Long-range collar.
  • Keypad lock that prevents misoperation.
  • Waterproof with long battery life.


  • A strong shock level can serious damage.

Buying Guide: How to Buy NVK Dog Training Collar

Over the recent years, the most popular dog training method is with a dog collar. And it also changes from brutal punishment to the gentle method.


From a distance when your dog is off-leash, to keep your dog safe dog commands are important.

A dog collar is the only source to give the command to your dog.

E-collar is the best way to grab the attention of your dog when he/she not responding to the verbal command.

For effective training or dog behavior, punishment and reward are important.

When your dog is acting aggressively then you need to give him a mild shock to correct the behavior.

Long Battery-Life

Always remember, to cover a long-distance collar will need more power.

Battery-life of any shock collar matters the most.

The battery should be charged within 2-4 hours and make sure its long lasts for 10 to 20 days.

If you’re going on vaccination or tour with your dog, you do not need to be charged the collar and fence every time.

Always give priority to chargeable batteries with a good guarantee; because it will help you save your money.

Training Modes and Levels

Training modes and levels play an important role while buying the Nvk dog training collar. 

To grab your dog’s attention or give command from a distance, depends on training modes and level.

The main three training modes are available in any dog collar Beep, Vibration, and Shock or Static.

And you can set vibration and shock levels as per training needs. But always check shock or vibration levels on you first.

Because it will help you to understand how much it will hurt your dog.

Never use stimulation levels at their maximum level because it can seriously damage your dog.


Most frequent questions and answers

After pairing with the remote the receiver will beep and the green light will start flashing slowly. The first step you need to confirm the receiver is off. In the second step press the switch for a while until the green light starts flashing fast. Now, select channel D to pair with the receiver. Your job is done now, the receiver is connected with the remote.

Select vibration or shock level as per your training requirement. When your dog tries to run on the road or start excessive barking press the STIMULATION button. Always give command after pressing the button, so your dog will understand that you do want him to bark or run. If your dog ignores the stimulation then you need to increase the level.

It is waterproof but to some extend. IPX7 technology is used in this collar that can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. This collar provides safety in the water but for some time. This collar can resist high pressure and gives flexibility in outdoor activity.

Yes, a vibration collar is good and works in dog training. Professional dog trainer uses these collars to train dogs. But you must accurately use these collars.  You can give the command to your dog from a distance where your voice can not reach. This also helps dog owners to improve communication with their pets.


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