Little dog with the cute bat-ear, short tail, and muscular body, guess! Which dog breed is this? Yes, you guessed it right; this is a French Bulldog.

This breed is the most popular small dog breed especially in cities according to American Kennel Club. This breed is also known as Frenchie and they are playful, adaptable, and alert dogs.

They have quite short noses with large and square heads, and rolled wrinkles above the nose. Before adopting this breed you should know, “How Smart Are French Bulldogs?

A few factors decide the intelligence of any dog such as their obedience training, behavior etc. So, let’s find out the truth about the intelligence of the French Bulldogs.

History of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs, also known as “Frenchies,” are a beloved breed of dog that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Despite their small size and adorable looks, these dogs are surprisingly intelligent and capable of learning a variety of tricks and commands.

French bulldogs were originally bred in England during the 19th century as a smaller version of the bulldog, which was then used for bull-baiting.

They were later brought to France by English lace makers who settled in the country, and they quickly became fashionable pets among the French elite.

While French bulldogs were not originally bred for their intelligence, they are known for being alert, playful, and quick learners.

They are also highly adaptable and can thrive in a variety of living situations, making them a popular choice for city dwellers and families alike.

Despite their intelligence, French bulldogs do have a stubborn streak and may require consistent training and positive reinforcement to ensure that they learn and obey commands.

Overall, however, these dogs are smart, affectionate, and loyal companions that make great pets for a wide range of people.

Types of Intelligence of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are known for having intellect, which is seen in their capacity for adaptation, instinct, and functioning. These canines are renowned for their agility, attentiveness, and problem-solving abilities despite their small stature.

Adaptive Intelligence

French Bulldogs are particularly skilled in adapting to changing environments, which is referred to as adaptive intelligence.

They are renowned for their capacity to adjust to a variety of habitations, including apartments. They are perfect for people who lead hectic lives because they can adapt to various schedules.

Instinctive Intelligence

Dogs’ instinctive abilities, such as their hunting and defending instincts, are referred to as instinctive intelligence.

French Bulldogs are great hunters of small animals like rats because they have a strong hunting drive. They make good watchdogs because they are also noted for being protective.

Working Intelligence

Working intelligence is the capacity for job completion and command compliance. Despite the fact that they aren’t typically thought of as working breeds, French Bulldogs are excellent at tracking, agility, and obedience.

Due to their friendly temperament and capacity to comfort and support those in need, they are also employed as therapy dogs.

Factors that Influence the Intelligence of French Bulldogs

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The concept of intelligence is complicated and subject to many influences. While studies have proven that socialization and environmental influences are equally important in influencing one’s IQ, genetics and breeding also play a vital effect

Genetics and Breeding

About 50–80% of intelligence can be attributed to genetics and breeding, with different genes having an impact on cognitive skills including memory, processing speed, and reasoning.

It is important to remember, nevertheless, that genetics do not completely determine intelligence and that environmental influences can moderate their impact.

Environment and Training

Intellect is greatly influenced by the environment and education. Cognitive development can be influenced favorably by early life events like exposure to a diverse language environment, a healthy diet, and stimulation.

Cognitive talents can also be enhanced by access to learning resources and educational opportunities.


Intelligence is also influenced by socialization, which is the process of learning social norms and values.

Cognitive capacities can be positively impacted by having access to social and cultural capital, being exposed to a variety of experiences, and having social engagement possibilities.

Why French Bulldogs Need Training

To guarantee that your French Bulldog is a well-behaved and content member of your family, training is crucial. Although Frenchies are smart dogs, they can also be independent and difficult.

In order to teach them how to act responsibly and obey your directions, adequate training is essential.

Obedience Training

An essential component of French Bulldog training is obedience training. Among these are the fundamental instructions “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “heel” that you should teach your Frenchie.

Your Frenchie will learn how to obey your directions and what is expected of them through obedience training. Additionally, it fosters a close relationship between you and your dog.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Training your Frenchie with positive reinforcement is quite successful. This entails giving lots of praise, gifts, and toys to reinforce positive behavior.

Positive reinforcement fosters excellent behavior and builds the link between you and your dog, making it more effective than punishment-based training techniques.

Fun Activities For French Bulldogs

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French Bulldogs are renowned for their kind dispositions, adorable appearances, and endearing personality. They are devoted friends and wonderful pets.

As with any breed, it’s crucial to keep them mentally and physically active to prevent boredom and maintain their well-being. Here are some entertaining pursuits for French Bulldogs:

  1. Even though they may not be the most athletic canines, French Bulldogs nevertheless need to exercise and play regularly in order to stay healthy. Play fetch, engage in a tug-of-war, or take a stroll with them around the block. For these puppies, swimming is a fantastic low-impact workout.
  2. Agility training: Keeping your French Bulldog mentally engaged and challenged can be fun with agility training. A tiny obstacle course can be set up in your backyard, or you can take them to a dog agility course.
  3. Competitions: If your French Bulldog is a natural at agility training, you might like to enter them in any. You and your dog may enjoy participating in these competitions together and meeting other dog owners.

French Bulldogs as Working Dogs

Many people might not be aware that French Bulldogs also have a history as working dogs, despite the fact that they are well recognized for their adorable, smushed faces and enduring behavior.

These adaptable puppies have performed a variety of tasks over the years, and the working dog community still values them today.

French Bulldogs have also been used as therapy dogs, which is another way they have been working dogs.

These puppies are frequently utilized in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings because they have the innate capacity to recognize when someone needs comfort.

They are an essential asset in these settings due to their warm, caring attitude, which can make patients feel less stressed and anxious.

French Bulldogs have also been employed as service dogs, to finish. They might not be as frequently used in this capacity as some other breeds, but they have demonstrated a high level of aptitude for helping those with disabilities.

They can assist with chores like opening doors, getting items back, and giving persons with mobility challenges support and stability.

Hunting dogs, particularly those trained to hunt rodents, have also been used with French Bulldogs.

They are well adapted for this task due to their small size and quickness, and their strong prey drive makes them eager to capture their target.

They might not be the breed that first springs to mind when considering hunting dogs, but they perform this function remarkably well.

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