Golden Retriever Mixed with Husky

A mix between Golden Retriever and Husky is also known as Goberian, if you haven’t heard of this breed till now, don’t feel bad because this breed came into existence last decade.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog of a new breed like Goberian then you must know everything about this breed. The Goberian breed is inborn with some best qualities of both parents like friendliness, energy, smartness, and most importantly loyal.

This athletic breed of dog loves to spend time with its owner. As we mentioned that this is an active and athletic breed and needs space to play if you do not have a backyard, I recommend you not adopt a puppy of this breed. Let’s find out more interesting facts about this beautiful breed. 

History of the Goberian

First, to know more about Goberian, we should know about the origin of both parent breeds.

The Husky is known as a snow dog, this breed is developed by the Chukchi Indigenous tribe to transport supplies and is used in hunting in cold environments.

Huskies were brought to Alaska in the early 1900s for winter dog sport (sled racing). The AKC recognized this breed in 1930 because Huskies were last exported from Siberia in 1930 after the Soviet government closed its borders.

But this breed continuously developed in North America. If we talk about Golden Retriever, they originated in Scotland and were used as gun dogs for hunting.

This Goberian breed was not documented but it started appearing early 2000s and it start gaining popularity in recent years. 

Size of the Goberian

A fully grown Golden Retriever and Husky mix is a large or medium breed of dog. The average height of this breed is 20 to 24 inches and if we talk about weight 45 to 90 pounds. This height and weight may vary because this is a new breed.

Golden Retriever Mixed with Husky Temperament

Forecasting the temperament of this mixed breed is quite tricky and there is no certain way to know your Goberian get the personality of a Golden Retriever or Husky.

To know more about their character you should meet their parents and get a sense of their personality. But in general, this breed is friendly, loving, and socially friendly, they love to be around people. 

The Appearance of a Golden Retriever Mixed with a Husky

The Appearance of a Golden Retriever and Husky mix

Goberian dogs’ appearance depends on the genetics of their parent breed. Also, two Goberian dogs never are the same. Some of them look like their parent breeds Golden retrievers and some like Husky.

But in most cases, the shape of their floppy ears and fluffy tails come from Golden retrievers. This medium-large dog breed is very athletic build with a straight back and muscular legs. The average height of this breed is 20 to 24 inches and if we talk about weight 45 to 90 pounds.

Color & Coat

The Goberian has a golden color coat which comes from the parent breed Golden retriever. However, from the Husky parents, they get different tinted colors of shades like gold, dark and white.

If we talk about coats, they have a double coat that is in medium length. Their shed is not as much as a Husky but this shed comes from their Husky parents.

Health Problems of Golden Retriever Mixed with Husky

Studies have found that the Goberian breed is a healthy breed but they get some health problems from their parent breed. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are required for your pup for health and good shape.

Below is the list of possible health problems:

Joint dysplasia

This hip and elbow dysplasia developed in the middle or old age of the Goberian. But you might not notice any discomfort or pain in a dog with hip dysplasia, symptoms are included joint pain and stiffness.

There is no cure for joint dysplasia but these tissues can be repaired with good nutrients. 

Eye Problems

The second most common health problem in the Goberian breed is eye problems and this comes from the parent breed Husky. These eye problems include corneal dystrophy, progressive retinal atrophy, and juvenile cataracts.

These eye problems are not serious but they can lead your dog to blindness. You can include foods rich in Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These foods are:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Carrots


Lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma are the two types of cancer which is found in the Golden Retriever Mixed with Husky.

As we all know that cancer can not cure with the help of diet but it can save your dog from this life-threatening health issue like cancer. Feed your dog high-quality food for a healthy life. 

Diet & Food

Goberian Food

Diet plays an important part in your puppy’s health as well as in maintaining its body shape. Goberian is an active breed and requires plenty of food.

They need approx. 1500 calories (depending on your dog’s weight), which is equal to 2 to 3 cups of food per day. You can divide this food into two to three meals.

The important thing is you must check the back of the food packet and confirm how much you feed your dog as per their requirement calories and weight.

As we know this breed is active and do a lot of exercises which means their body needs high-quality protein to keep their muscle lean. One of the famous food of dog protein is kibble. 

Take a look at the below protein supplement.

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Lifespan Of Goberian

In mixed breeds, it’s very hard to predict the lifespan but we can’t ignore the factors like regular exercise, balanced diet, genetics, and health conditions that play a crucial part in the lifespan of an individual.

Golden Retrievers live an average of 10-12 years and on the other hand, Husky is expected live 12-14 years. On the basis of these stats, the average life of a Goberian is 10-15 years but a good diet and exercise will help your dog to live longer. 


This Goberian breed is very active and needs lots of exercises to stay healthy. At least one hour of walking in the morning or evening time is necessary more than this would be preferable.

Other factors like lifestyle, genetics, and diet can decrease or increase the amount of exercise each day. But make sure you don’t force them to overexercise when they are puppies after the age of 2, they are ready to do a large amount of exercise.

Overexercise can be the cause of illness or other health problems. You can play games with your Goberian that also include in the exercise. 


dog socialization

Socialization is the most important part of any breed especially a crossbreed like Goberian. Socialization should start at a very young age, this will help your dog observe that there is nothing to be afraid of.

You should take your dog out for a walk and introduce them to new sights, people, dogs, mountains, etc. This training will help your dog to grow up as a friendly dog. 


You might be thinking that Goberian sheds a lot but trust me that is not true. You will need them to groom once a week to keep their coat neat & clean. They do not shed like their husky parents.

You can also give them a bath once in a month when they are dirty. The easiest way to groom your dog, take them to the groomers and they will trim their nails and will take care of your dog’s grooming.

But you have to clean their teeth once a week because this will prevent them from dental disease.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Price

The price depends on the Golden Retriever Husky mix’s age, his medical conditions, and the dog’s coal color. This price varies according to your location or area where are you living.

For example, in your area demand for this dog is very high then you have to pay more. A simple way to find out the correct price of the Goberian, you must contact to the local breeder or owner in your area.

They are considered loyal, companions and family dogs. This breed is also used as working dogs, they are not common dogs which means the price of working dogs will be hight than that of normal dogs.

People like to adopt the Goberian because they are typically friendly, intelligent, and loyal dogs but they are not good for small homes or apartments.

If we talk about price then somewhere between $500 to $2000 you have to pay but it depends on other factors which we already discussed. 

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Training

You should start your Golden Retriever Husky mix training as soon as possible when you bring them home. Goberian is an intelligent and fast learner.

You should start their training in an effective way, you can contact short training session in the beginning. In the training, you have to notice the interest of your puppy.

You can also use a dog’s treat and dog’s toy to make your puppy’s training fun. These toys and treats will help them to focus on learning. You can start with simple training like Obedience training or Leash training.

You should show them you are a leader and he must obey you. Consistency of training will help your dog to behave better and learn things quickly. A good amount of training will help your dog to sleep better and prevent life-threatening diseases. 

Questions & Answers

What is a Husky Golden Retriever mix called?

This mix of breeds is known as Goberian and they are a mix of two loyal and intelligent breeds. They are friendly, playful, and family dogs. Their coat is commonly available in white, black, brown, cream, and grey. Most important they are suitable for cold climates not for hot climates. 

How much is a Golden Retriever mixed with a Husky?

As we already discussed, it can cost you approx. $500 – $2000 but the price depends on other factors like the age of the dog, and the medical condition of the puppy. The price of Goberian also depends on the location where you are living. If there is a huge demand of this breed in your area then you have to pay more. 

Are Golden Retriever Husky mix good dogs?

Yes, Goberian is a good dog because Golden Retrievers and Husky both the breeds are both loyal and friendly. So, that clearly means Goberian is the good family dog. This mix breed has good behavior with children as well.

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