Dog protection training is one of the famous parts of dog training.

Securing your home and personal security always be your primary concerns, Invest in your safety always has the best and safe side.

Whether the crime rate is high or low in your area, dogs always protect their best friend (humans).

Dogs are always loyal and remain at your side even in dangerous times and some breeds of dogs are trained for personal protection.

A dog’s careful attitude towards outsiders is the best. Dogs give alert by barking when they sense something suspicious around them and protect your home from robbers.

Personal Protection Dog Training Program

Dogs are human’s best friends and are always present here to protect you, your family, and your home.

You can protect your home with Locks, beams, alarms, electronic gadgets, weapons are some of the other options but if you have a well-trained dog for your protection then I don’t think so you would need any other option. 

Many dog owners give their puppy to a professional dog trainer to train him and it’s good to have a dog that will make your home feel protected. Here are some training tips you must follow for personal defense: 

Obedience Training: First you need to teach your dog obedience training like Sit, Leave it, Heel.

Socialization: Your dog starts to connect with others around him like other dogs, people, trees, etc. You can start socialization training at a puppy’s early age. 

Bark Training: First you need to find out the situation, when you need your dog to bark, and when not. If any stranger coming your home and your dog starts barking, so it’s a good sign. 

Dog Barking in Protection Training

Back Off Command: Now, let’s assume that stranger who is coming into your home, you know him but your dog does not. Your dog attacks him then you give the command to back off before your dog hurts that person.

There are three levels of protection training

Level 1 > In this training your dog will learn only to bark when he/she senses something suspicious around them when your dog feels a warning for themselves or their owners.

In level one training your dog will not learn to bite or grab the subject, he/she will learn only bark alert.

Level 2 > This is the next level of training in which your dog will learn to protect you and your family in any circumstances, in this Personal Protection Dog Training Program dogs are trained to catch and suppress the attackers/ thief.

Your dog takes action when he/she gets a verbal command from the owner or handler.

Level 3 > in this level 3 training session your dog will learn attack to attackers/thieves until you will give your next command or attackers no longer.

This is the last stage of personal protection dog training, this training for special Government Agents, Business Executives/Professionals, Professional Athletes, individuals in the Entertainment Industry.

Dog Protection Training Equipment

For dog protection training three must use the equipment are below that will help your dog to perform better and learn new things in control :

Shock Collar

First and most important dog protection training equipment I would suggest you, you must go with remote control training collar.

This is also known as a shock collar; you can give a shock to your dog as a punishment if your dog does not follow your instruction.

Dog Muzzle

Advanced muzzle dog training

Some dog has a habit of biting or barking and if you want to stop him from doing this you must use a dog muzzle.

Some dog breeds are aggressive and dangerous, if you want to prevent doing this damage then this dog equipment is very important.

After placing a dog muzzle on the dog’s face, he/she can not open his mouth for a bite.


This is usually made of leather rope and it’s attached to the collar which helps the dog to control.

The length of the leash depends on the dog’s breed and height of the dog, it can be short or very short and a webbing leash.

The dog needs to perform the different exercises, so leash length is matters.

Family Protection Dog Training

The Owner of any dog also wants to protect their family, that is why he choose to train their dog to protect their home and family.

There are several types of dog breeds which especially for guard duties.

Your dog must be familiar with all family member and pet in your family when your dog starts recognizing family members he/she build a connection with household members.

It’s your big responsibility to make them feel that they are also part of the family, you make sure every member of the family should train your dog. 

These dogs are specially trained to obey and protect their owner and family

These trained dogs are disciplined, confident, and skillful in protecting on command.  

Dog Protection Training Cost

This training cost depends on the trainer to the trainer but the average dog training cost is $50 to $80.

If you go with packages for group training, so you have to pay around $120 to $200 per 6 – 8 weeks.

Most training schools recommend 6 weeks of training and give your dog back with good communication with the owner.

There are also private training sessions also available and for this training, the school charges $210 to $600.

We all know dogs are smart creatures and loyal to humans, when you teach your dog obedience training your dogs automatically start protecting you and your family.

Different training programs are available in the market adult dog protection training, basic training, and puppy classes.

How to Train a Protection Dog

For securing your home and your loveable ones, you need to train your dog in protection training.

First of all, we have to understand the difference between attack dogs and guard dogs. Guard dogs are those who are trained to stand guard and hold back until they receive any command from their trainer or owner.

On the other hand, attack dogs are those who attack conflict circumstances without any command.

The training should start with basic obedient training like sit, come, heel, etc. your dog should be played frequently with every member of the family and learn the difference between play and danger.

Your dog should be available when any guest or other visitor comes to your home. You can train your dog with the help of your friend; you will need some old clothes with a doll and ask your friend to stand behind the doll (he hide).

Now your friend can start inserting the stick into the dog’s nose until he/she starts to growl.

Now, give the command “Attack” to your dog and do this over and over until your dog attack the subject just be hearing the “Attack” command.

Always reward your dog with favorite food or toy after he gets the right command.

How long is dog protection training?

There are two types of training for protection 

Basic Obedience for personal protection basic Obedience helps your dog to control on a leash and off-leash, this training also helps to control your dog’s aggression.

In this training, your dog learns to bite when a random person attacks the owner. Dogs are loyal and have a natural tendency to guard their master.

You should teach your dog a basic command for full control like Sit, Down, Stay, and Heel. To train your dog a professional trainer may take 8 weeks, one hour for each class.

2.Personal protection dog Training

This training takes careful planning and direction, run and bite must be taught.

Obedience and commands must be implemented so that the dog knows when to protect and when to take it easy.

There are different types of protection training and also different levels. This training takes time but it is the one of most effective training, you can approach a professional trainer to know about this training.

Some Guard Dog Training Pro Tips 

When we are talking about guard dog means you certainly looking for protection. If you are looking for protection for you and your family then you should train your dog in the right direction. The next rows of this article make you understand what tips you need to apply:


  1. Barking: First thing you need to teach your dog is to bark when required not all the time. To make him understand when is the right time to bark, offer him a treat at the right moment. This way your dog’s brain connects when to bark and when not. 
  2. Choose Young Puppy: Always choose a young puppy for training with the right breed. Just like a child, you need to train your puppy from the beginning and the puppy will learn things quickly. As per the expert, 7 to 8 months of age is enough to train your puppy. 
  3. Short Training Time: When you trained your young puppy, please use a short period of time. The puppy has short attention time and bore with anything easily. Starting 15 to 25 minutes of activity will be fine.
  4. Fix Training time: Always choose one time for the training session because your puppy will be habitual of this time. At whatever point the time is drawing closer, it will show its energy to learn.
  5. Fun & Treat: Before starting the session some fun activities you need to do with your dog like fetching exercise or hide things. Most important after every session when you feel your dog has done a great job treat him with his favorite food. 
  6. Clicker Training: Most effective and popular training method nowadays is the clicker training method. You won’t believe that almost every dog trainer uses this method to train dogs. Clicker training is a positive indication for dogs, that he does that correctly. This training method will give you and your dog a cheerful experience. 

Conclusion: Dogs are the best friends of humans and always care for your family. With the help of some equipment, you can teach your dog protection training.  You are the leader of your dog and need to guide him for good behavior. If you do not have time or have other issues, you can take the help of professional trainers.

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