Every dog owner has a common question in their mind about how to teach a dog leash training?

Caring of a dog and taking him out for a walk on daily basis should be part of a routine and a huge responsibility.

Walk is a kind of exercise that allows your dog’s muscle starch up a bit.

Collar habit is a very good habit for your dog and he gets used to wearing this, give your dog some time at least 10 minutes twice a day.

This leash training demands that your puppy should wear a collar and leash around his neck on regular basis, every time you go out for a walk with your dog.

Make sure that you do not make needless stops and participating in other activities, do not use your phone, and do not walk in hurry.

This can disturb your dog’s learning process. You will learn in this article some pro tips and tricks for your dog’s leash training and advanced dog training:

Leash Training a Dog

Dog leash training is the most important skill your dog should learn.

To make understand your dog what to do and what do not every time walking together, then on-leash dog training is compulsory.

dog leash training

You should loose the leash of your dog it will stop him from pulling you while walking.

It authorizes your dog to have enough space to sniff and explore the environment.

In step one, you need to buy a 6-foot leash and a collar, in the second step you need to choose a word or phrase that inform your dog what you are expecting from him this can be the simple command “let’s go” or “with me”.

If your dog starts pulling the leash off his end just stop don’t move, don’t let your dog move forward whenever he is pulling the leash.

This will help him to understand the only way he can go wherever he wants to go on a loose leash.

The final step in this training is never to forget to give a reward to your dog at your doorstep.

How to Train a Rescue Dog to Walk on a Leash?

Search and rescue dogs are often big and strong dogs, it can be dangerous if your dog pulling the leash and run away.

Three equipment that will help you to train your dog:

  • A fit collar
  • A good leash
  • A great treat/reward

If you training your old dog always buy a shorter leash, it will help you to control your dog and keep your dog close to you.

A shorter leash can help you to correct your dog’s bad behavior promptly.

The second piece of equipment you have to use is a dog collar, you can go with nylon or standard chokers which are commonly used.

Your dog may hate this collar first but you will have to be patience and invest more time getting your dog used to it.

Last but not least great treat always encourages your dog to perform better and learn commands quickly.

Always remember to give your dog a treat instantly after his/her good behavior has taken place.

The dog will link reward with his last action and understand what was right and what was wrong.

After some time when your dog begins to understand what you want then your dog will follow your command without the reward.

How to Train a Dog to Walk on a Leash Beside You?

From a puppy to old age dog loves to go out explore, smells, and see the sights.

You can set a one-week goal to train your dog to walk on a leash beside you.

dog walking on leash besides

In dog leash training you will need three things before starting the training, some dog treats, and a clicker.

Put the leash on your dog and some tasty treat in your pocket and an important thing clicker in your left hand.

Now, open your door and stand out, wait for him to come outside if your dog knows “sit” command this is the right time to use it.

Go ahead and give some treats to your dog before beginning to walk. Each time when you change the directions and your dog comes behind you, give him a treat with a click.

If your dog gets out of ahead and tries to pull the leash, simply stop and start walking in the opposite directions.

After some time, your dog will understand when you are changing directions regularly, the safe place is behind you.

When you are getting a good result then you can decrease reward, you do not want him to depend upon food in order a obey your commands.

How to Train an Older Dog Not to Pull on the Leash?

In young age, it is a very easy task for you to train your puppy for dog protection training and how to walk on the leash in comparison to older dogs.

For dog leash training take your old dog outside a place that he’s familiar with this technique helps your dog not to distract by sparkling stuff around.

The moment he pulls the leash stop and tell him to get back to you and sit then say “with me” or “let’s go” make few more steps.

If your dog follows you, leave the lease loose and appreciate him with a reward or treat.

Always remember when your dog pulls the leash stop him and give him a command to get back to you.

This training is all about patience and consistency, keep repeating the same exercise to see your older dog fully leash trained.

How to Leash Train a Dog That is Scared of The Leash?

Dogs are never familiar with the leash, dog owners have to teach them just like other commands but what if your dog is scared of a leash.

So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you to make your dog comfortable with the leash.

The first thing that makes your dog calm and relax with the collar, just to put the collar in your dog’s neck while you giving him a treat.

That’s a start. With the collar in the neck leave your dog free in the house and do this trick for at least one week.

The second trick will be the same you should clip the leash with the collar while you are giving your dog food or treat.

After you clip the leash on, let your dog drag the leash in the home 15 to 20 minutes twice a day but you have to inspect your dog.

Inspect leash does not catch up in anything that makes your dog freak out.

After two to three days now it’s time to pick the leash up just walk with him in the house for 5 minutes a day or twice a day.

Now, your dog is comfortable with the leash you can take your dog outside the house for a walk on the leash.

How Long Does It Take For a Dog to Learn Loose Leash Walking?

It depends on the dog’s breed to breed but if you go with good training then it would not take much time to master loose leash walking and top dog training.

Some factor that helps in leash training is a dog collar, 6-foot-long leash, and some great treat.

You can conduct two sessions in a day around for 3–5 minutes.

Within one week, you will start to see the result but you must follow good training with good rewards.

Always remember to take your dog out from distractions while the practice dog leash training.

Method to Training Your Dog to Walk on Leash:

As the study has shown that none of the dogs walk on leash gently for more than five minutes. So, there are some effective methods to train your dog on a leash:

Reward Method: Start your dog’s leash training in a quiet area without any distractions. When your dog starts walking next to you 2 steps, give him a treat. Steadily increase the amount of walking and rewards. When your dog catches the done the right thing then reward his behavior.


Tree Method: Under this method, when your dog starts pulling or give tension on the leash, you need to stand still in one place. Now, wait for the leash to slack again, and when he stops pulling treat him with his favorite food or praise. Never pull the leash by yourself.


Straight Line: Use a long rope to make a straight line and walk with your dog toward a specified object until your dog pulls the leash. When your dog pulls the leash walk backward start again the process. When your dog reaches the goal object, treat him with some food.

Loose leash dog training

Your dog should learn how to walk on a loose leash, this is the most important skill for your dog.

This training helps your pet to understand do’s and don’ts whenever walking with you.

loose leash dog training

Let’s play a game and understand how you can teach your dog to walk on a loose leash.

Start walking with your dog and if your dog starts pulling the leash just stop.

Your dog may start pulling the leash in wonder why you stop suddenly and try hard to pull the leash.

Now, stand immoveable at one place until you feel slack on the leash.

In this way your dog figures out if the leash is loose he can walk but if he pulls the leash his owner will stop walking.

Be patience with your dog because you need some repetition here. After some days your feel a decrease in attempts at pulling.

Always reward your dog when he does not pull the leash and walk with or behind you (whatever you want).

Conclusion: Dog leash training is a learning process and a skill that every dog should learn. Dog pulls the leash can harm your arm or may your body because some canine breeds are very powerful. A 6-foot good leash and a good quality dog collar will help you in training. If you consistently follow a one-week training routine with some treat, I am sure you will see the result. No dog is familiar with the leash, it’s your responsibility to make them familiar with the leash. Use some methods that we already discussed and after some time your dog will walk on a loose leash.

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