There are many dog breeds available that build for hunting but no matter what breed you choose you have to teach them hunting.

You can teach your old dog new tricks but it’s better to start bird dog training in early age.

Your dog should learn basic obedience commands like Come and Heel; you should always reward your dog after obeying your command.

For sniffing training, you can hide food in your pocket and this will teach your dog how to sniff things in a very young age.

Just like sniffing, gun dog training is also important while train your dog as a hunting dog. Today we will learn how you can train your dog for bird training :

Hunting dog training tips

A special breed is required in bird training that is not true, every dog has that potential to become good hunting all you need is consistency and quality hunting training.

Teach you puppy basic obedience command such as sit, stay, come and heel.

If your dog masters basic command means he/she can become a good hunting dog. You can also teach some advanced dog training tricks.

Consistency and patience are required when you train your dog and keep your training session short and entertaining.

Never forget to give a reward or praise to your dog after every training session.

Bird dog training supplies

Many tools are available in the market nowadays to train your dog, here are some important tools are below :

Dog collar: It is also known as an e-collar or shock collar; it gives your dog light shock as a punishment for bad behavior.

The use of an e-collar helps your dog learn things quickly and reliable response from the dog.

Your dog will learn that he/she does misbehave it can be cause of an uncomfortable sensation.

Dog Collar

Dog dummies: Dog dummies and bumpers are made of soft plastic and flexible, which will help in training for many sessions.

These dummies are used to train your dog to bring the bird in the field and on the water.

These are designed to use in the water and will not sink. Many dummies are made so that the scent of duck is injected into them and that helps your dog train easily in bird training.

Bird dog training exercises

Take your dog for long walks not on the simple traffic road, you can go in wooden and other natural areas.

This will help your dog to introduce new scenery and will keep him mentally aware as well as physical exercise.

If you are living in the locality where you are allowed to take your dog with you swimming, that will be a great opportunity for both of you to exercise together.

You can use a ball through it and command your dog to take that back, your dog will run and take that ball back.

This kind of exercise call fetching exercise. As per experts, a dog’s physical and mental health exercise is essential.

Lack of exercise leads your dog obesity, heart problems, bad behavior, and anxiety.

Bird dog training Kit

People enjoy hunting with their companion (Dog), it develops social connection and understanding with the dog.

But you must track your dog’s location every time while hunting in a wooded area or in the forest.

Dog tracking kit is one of the most important tools in bird hunting training, you always know where your dog is all the time.

This device will help if your dog loses his/her way in an unknown field.

The second important tool kit in hunting is whistle training, whistle is used when your dog is at a distance and you want him back.

So, you blow the whistle and your dog comes near you, the power of hearing of a dog is better than human.

A dog can hear anything from a long-distance and a whistle voice indicate your dog to come back.

How to start bird dog training?

Play an entertaining game with your puppy, every dog love fetching things.

You can play bird on a wire game; you simply need to tie your dog’s favorite toy with wire and pull it along then let your puppy chase it.

Once your puppy drops the toy pull that again and the puppy will chase it again.

Stop immediately pulling the toy when he catches it because it can break your puppy’s teeth.

How do I train my dog to be a bird dog?

Train your dog to be a bird dog is not a hard thing, you need to follow few basic rules.

Always call your dog by his/her name, that must be simple and positive. You can start with basic obedience like Sit, Come, Down, etc.

Always treat your dog when he does the correct thing which you wanted. Set a routine whenever you feel free every day and start to train your dog.

You can use some essential things like a tennis ball, bird scent, and bird dummies.

You should go out in an open field with your dog and introduce him to water, wood, or mountains for hunting.

Dogs have a natural tendency to please their master. Your training should be fun and easy for you and your dog.

At what age do you start training a bird dog?

People always think that they should not start puppy training until their puppy is at least six months old.

Wrong! five to seven weeks is enough for any dog to understand basic dog command and for bird dog training you can start after your dog is ready with basic command.

It also depends on the dog’s breed to breed but in most cases,10-12 weeks is perfect to start dog training.

You can set a target from week to week for example you can teach your dog basic training in the 7th week “Sit” and going forward on the 8th week “Heel” command and so on.

Hunting Commands teaching a new command or trick is always fun for hunters and hunting dogs. Bird hunting training should be started in puppy’s early age. Here are some important hunting commands:

Whoa: This command should be the first command that every bird dog needs to learn. Whoa, command is part of the basic command and use to ‘Stop’ the puppy.

Start with standing next to your puppy and take some food in your fist, through pieces of treat in front of your dog.

Now ask your dog to follow the treat and after two to three treat pieces ask your dog with a hand signal ‘Stop”. Never forget to reward your puppy after obeying your command.

Come: This command is very helpful for you and your dog, you can call your pupp whenever you feel he is messing around the field.

This instruction helps to correct your dog’s bad behavior or use it for praising him. This training plays an important role in terms of the safety and control of your dog in the wood.

Many professional handlers use a whistle to call their puppy in the field.

Heel: This command is used when you want your puppy walking with you or behind you slowly.

On hunting time you have lots of other items like your gun, fallen birds, or other equipment and you can not hold your dog’s leash.

Environment and Water Training: For chasing or hunting birds you must introduce your puppy opened fields and woods.

Your dog should feel safe and secure in the open field. Later you can also introduce your dog to water training.

bird dog - water training

Most dog breeds are natural swimmers but few dogs develop a fear of water, so it is good to introduce your puppy to water in the first place.

To avoid environmental fear your puppy should be socialized, new things take time to understand. Your dog explores the new things in the environment in socialization training.

Dummies and Bumpers

Dummies and bumpers come in different colors, shapes, sizes and have different uses.

The main objective of these essentials for your dog is to play the dead bird game in the field.

These bumpers and dummies come in plastic and canvas, they can be used in the water and fields.

This equipment builds confidence and white or black colors show contrast in a different training environment.

These dummies and bumpers are easy to throw and also float in the water.

Bird scents are used in these dummies to teach the dog sense of smell of a wounded or dead bird.

When you throw these dummies in the tall grass, a dog uses their nose to find.

Some useful bird dog training tips:

• For a better idea always watch a hunting training video before training starts.
• Write down all the important things you saw in the video and try them differently.
• Note down the area where you improved and where you face challenges.
• Contact your local forest or wildlife officers and ask them for licenses or permission before starting the dog hunting training.
• Always take food and enough water for yourself and your dog.
• Always carry a towel or blanket with yourself, especially in winters.
• Most important take a first aid kit with yourself for you and your dog.
• If you never hunted before always go with someone who has experience.

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