Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs

Everyone asks this question before taking the German Shepherd to their home. Are German Shepherds good family dogs? After the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd is the famous breed in the USA recognized by the AKC. This big breed is loyal, versatile, intelligent, and energetic as well. They can learn the commands quickly in comparison to other breeds. And, that is the reason police and military use this breed’s dogs in their operations. But are German Shepherds good family dogs? Let’s find out:

German Shepherds with Children

The thumb rule as we all know we should start the training of new pupp as soon as you bring them home. You should introduce your children to your new puppy and also involve in training. This will give a chance of them to understand each other’s behavior. BUT make sure you supervise your child while training and playing with dogs. You should teach your kids some basic rules like never ever touching or making contact while the dog is eating food. Avoid touching the dog when he appears sick or injured. German Shepherds are intelligent and playful with kids. This breed is energetic and can tolerate pulls, and grabs from your child. This behavior of the German Sheperd depends on training and upbringing. 

Are German Shepherds Aggressive Dogs?

Training plays an important part if you’re thinking to bring them home as a family pet. Without proper training like socialization, basic commands (come, sit, stop, heel etc.) can lead your canine to aggression. This breed has a powerful bite force of around 238 pounds per square inch which can damage someone badly. In rare cases, they attack their owner or family members. But the good news is they are loving, intelligent, and quick learners. You should try to avoid negative things that can make them aggressive. For example, you should teach your kids how to behave when the dog is eating. German Shepherds are good in making bonding with kids and are very playful in nature. So, here is your answer, German Shepherds are not aggressive dogs. 

How to Bring up a German Sheperd to Be a Good Family Dog:

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Early Socialization

Socialization in early age for any dog is mandatory and especially when you bring a pupp for your family. In early age, they haven’t grown their full size and weight, and most importantly they have not formed any bad habits. Introduce them to new babies, people, animals, mountains, parks, etc. 


This breed has a high level of energy and they need ample regular exercise. They need more exercise to develop their physical and mental health and also avoid unpleasant behavior. Take your dog for a long walk for at least 30 minutes every day to prevent anxiety and boredom. A boredom dog can develop some bad habits like excessive barking, chewing, etc. It’s said that “a tired dog is a good dog” plenty of exercises are necessary for your dog to fall asleep and avoid boredom. Some possible activities could be agility training, swimming, or maybe tracking training. Some games can be fun like toy fetching games or hide n seek, catch-me games, etc. 


A healthy dog behaves well and follows your instructions or command, in short, a healthy dog is a good dog. German Shepherds have fewer health issues and especially when you buy them from a reputed breeder. Most health issues started from their food, so make sure you give your puppy good quality food. A good number of proteins, carbs, and less fats. A well-balanced diet and exercise will keep your dog healthy. 

Train Your Kids

Not only the dog, you should train but you should also train the kids, your children should know how to treat the dog. You have to teach your kids when they have to leave the dog alone like when he is eating or sleeping in the crate. Once your family and kids give preference to your dog, your puppy will start to tolerate things. 

Train Your Pooch

As we already discussed that we should start training new puppies at an early age. You can start with basic obedience training and also involve your kids in the training session which will strengthen their bond with kids. Make sure you’re supervising them while training, once your pooch doing something right praise him with some treat. So, he will be motivated and follow your command actively. While training with kids and dogs and you’re praising your dog with a reward or treat this will help them to reinforce the positive behavior. 

Final Thought

GSD are loving, intelligent, and care for you and your family, they can become an important part of your family. The history of 100 years proved that German Shepherds are hardworking and this quality makes them loving family pets and guardians. However, you will need to take care of their training, food, and supervision for smooth running. Once they become a part of your family, you will get priceless affection from them. 

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