Just like child education, starting from kindergarten, the school then ending with university or college.

Advanced Dog Training also works the same way; your puppy must learn the basic obedience command before the master in advanced training.

From basic dog command sit, come, heel, etc. to recognize advanced new language words and hand signals.

It can be fun to teach your dog new tricks and dogs are smart enough to learn these tricks.

Every session of training you should teach some new and advanced words or command to your puppy.

In this article, you will defiantly learn how you teach your dog from basic to advance commands.

Obedience Advanced Dog Training

Every dog owner should understand first, dog training should be fun for you and your pet and second most important always reward your dog after every training session.

In basic obedience training you teach your dog to sit and stay, now let’s take this one step in advance.

You should give your dog the command to stay or sit for a longer period of time.

You can start teaching your dog to “catch” the ball in your garden at the same time another command you can teach is “jump”.

According to the advanced standard, when your dog responds immediately to any of your or your family’s commands that consider a well-trained and obedient dog.

In this training, you can start using the verbal command with hand signals to increase your dog’s knowledge about your command.

Once your dog understands to relate verbal and hand signals, it will be easy for your dog to take action on your command.

Advanced dog training

Advanced Dog Training Tricks

As a pet owner you always teach your pet new things, it takes time but once you and your pet are habitual of new things that would be fun for both of you.

Teaching your dog new tricks is not that much difficult and also shows your dog’s smartness.

Always keep your training session short with repetitions until your dog is addicted to this, use a clicker device, clicker produces a sound and you must use a clicker when your dog follows your command.

The clicker sound indicates to your dog that he/she has done a good job.

Always conduct your training session without outside distractions and do not force your dog to do any trick which he/she does not want to do, always respect his limitation.

What is the hardest command to teach a dog?

There are many commands which consider the hardest command but dog breeds also matter, some dog breeds are hard to train (American Pit Bull, Chinese Shar-Pei), etc.

Command wait is counted as one of the hardest commands because this command is the same as stay, your puppy will confuse between stay and wait.

Second, on the list is salute, this training will test your patience and consistency but always motivate yourself while performing this command “Never give up”.

Last on the list is the “Leave it” command for this you can pick up the same treating food for your dog but make sure that it won’t taste the same as real.

Now you can give command your dog to leave it. For dog safety purposes this is mandatory.

How Do I Train My Dog To Be Advanced?

After learning basic commands your dog is ready to go on to learn new advanced commands skills,

some of the common advanced commands are “sequel” which means sitting and staying at one place for a longer time.

There are many more commands you can teach roll over, fetch, jump, crawl, etc.

Advanced dog training plays an important role in your dog’s safety, your dog starts following your instructions and appears smart dog in front of friends, relatives.

You can modify basic commands into advanced for example, you can give the command sit from behind your dog instead of standing in front,

or if your dog is in a laydown position command him/her to sit.

Dogs are loyal and always protect the owner and their family.

Dog praising in advance dog training

What are advanced commands for dogs?

Some of the advanced family dog commands that your dog must learn:

Barking: Barking is how dogs communicate with the world by nature it is totally normal, but excessive barking becomes annoying to you and your neighbor.

Simply identify the dog’s needs and supply to him such as food, water, and his comfortable bed, now give command quiet or stop.

Leave it: This command you must teach your dog to prevent the thing he is not allowed to have.

This command is also helpful for your dog protection it can prevent your dog from chewing something that can be harmful to your dog.

Go Back: This command is not much difficult to teach your dog, you can start walking towards your dog’s front side

and give the command “go back” when your dog starts walking backyard praise him/her with a small treat.

This command will be helpful for you when guests are at your home and don’t want to meet your dog.

Dog training checklist

In this paragraph, we will go through a simple checklist that you are required to follow for a good behavior dog and important in advanced dog training.

Pet name: First, you always call your puppy with their name to follow your command easily.

Socialization: Second important thing you must teach your dog is socialization

for example, take your puppy for a walk outside with you, and with this, your puppy will familiar with other dogs, people & the environment.

Health: Next one is most important you have to take care of your dog’s health, exercise and a balanced diet help your dog to learn things faster.

Obedience: Since six or seven months of age, you should start train your dog basic obedience training like Sit, Heel, Come, Down, etc.

Treat: This is a pro tip that is followed by every professional dog trainer, after every session you must treat your dog with his/her favorite food.

The benefit of the treatment is your dog will know that after every training session he/she will get good food and your pet will start to follow your instructions.

Potty Training: Last but not least potty training, this training session will time taking and you should be patience.

You can buy a craon because dogs are very hygienic and dislike going to the ng bathroom in the same area they are sleeping.

So, your puppy will give you an alert when he/she is about to go potty.

Conclusion: Your dog learns new and advanced tricks in advanced dog training like catch, jump, etc.  This training should be fun for you and your dog, it is time taking process but does not give up until you train your dog.  This training also helps in your dog’s safety. Always call your dog by name and start training from today itself. Encourage your dog to learn with treats and rewards. Advanced dogs always protect you and your family.

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